Shinto | INNER PILE Cotton Towel


Voluminous but soft. A towel combining the best of gauze and pile.

Traditional shuttle looms are expertly operated by hand, taking time and care to produce our INNER PILE. This towel has two outer layers of baby-soft gauze with an inner layer of highly absorbent pile. Use it after bathing or washing, to cover your pillow or as a blanket—thick and fluffy yet soft and light, this is our reinvention of the classic towel.

About Shinto Towel

Over one hundred years of knowledge and technical experience,
combined with innovation and creativity.

We wish to preserve the traditional production of Senshu towels, and we want to create the best. To do that, we must utilize fully our historical knowledge and technical expertise, and be unafraid of new ideas in technology and design. We are always reviewing materials, function, and design in the pursuit of better products.

INSTRUCTION: Machine washable. To help your towels last even longer, please do not use fabric softener. 

Material: 100% cotton

size  FACE TOWEL 29×82cm
BATH TOWEL 63×130cm
color  Navy, Charcoal, Ivory
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