Nebulizing Diffuser Gen.2


Nebulizing Diffusor is a specific type of diffuser that uses the process of nebulization to achieve evaporation. This process forces the breakdown of essential oils into very tiny particles and requires a high velocity, pressurized air stream as well as specially designed jet nozzle. The rate of evaporation is highly accelerated and occurs almost instantly. The particles of essential oil reach you in their natural state and provide you with all of their original therapeutic benefits. With this method the essential oil is not diluted by water so it is much more powerful. Also, no heat is required so the chemical structure of the essential oil is not altered Simply add your favourite essential oil, sit back and relax!

  • USB chargeable nebulizing diffuser with minimal design. Compact-size fits perfectly for your home, office, cars and your suitcase for travel
  • Water and heat FREE. Unique atomizing technology to provide you the purest and undiluted aroma
  • Covers around 1000 sq ft area. It offers three intensity modes and automatically switch off after two hours

Operating Modes:
I. Diffuse for 15 seconds, stop for 2.75 minutes
II. Diffuse for 60 seconds, stop for 2 minutes
III. Diffuse for 2 minute, stop for 1 minutes
Working time: Auto shut off after 2 hours of operation. Up to 72 hours battery life
Input power: DC 5V (USB power supply)
Oil capacity: 5-20ml
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Material of body: Plastic
Diffuser size: 70mm x 120mm(H)
Includes: Diffusor, 10ml glass refill bottle, USB charger cable
Coverage Area: 650-1000 sq ft

Note: This diffuser can be plugged into a car's accessory outlet with a power converter (not included) or any electrical wall outlet with a standard USB adapter (not included).

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