Soft & Light, 
made using
Founded in Osaka, Japan in 1907, SHINTO Towel leverages their experience in textile manufacturing with Japanese beauty standards to create luxuriously soft towels that are absorbent as well as featuring a unique texture. 
Gentle on the skin
Soft & Light weight
Very Good Absorbent
100% Organic Cotton
Cruelty-free & vegan
Drying Fast
Real reviews from real customers
Beautifully design
with Japanese Aesthetic
Traditional Atozarashi
Atozarashi, a post-weave refinement process which removes all starch, oils and impurities from the fibres to create an addictive fluffiness.
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Handling tips for your towel


Appropriate cares, washing and drying will maintain the texture and superior absorbency of your SHINTO TOWEL, and also make it environmentally low-impact. Especially heat, such as washing with high water temperature and tumble drying, will make the cotton fibres shrink and get hard in touch.


  • Wash at lower temperature (up to 40 degrees) to prevent damage to the cotton fibres causing shrink, reduction of softness, and color fading.

  • Do not use chlorine bleach, and avoid the overuse of fabric softeners as these will damage the cotton fibres and spoil their absorbency.

  • Avoid washing colored towels and white towels together to prevent color transfer, especially for the first several times.


  • Set the spinning speed low, around 800 rpm, to reduce friction and prevent from changing shape and wearing off.

  • Stretch and flap the towel gently before drying to maintain its shape and fluffiness when dried.

  • For best results, washed towels should be hung to dry in a shady, well-ventilated area.

  • Our towels are woven loosely and comparatively low-density, so they dry quick even without tumble drying.

  • Set to low heat or gentle setting when tumble drying is needed.


  • Do not snip pilling of the gauze; pull and stretch the whole towel to put the pilling back to its original state.

  • Avoid pulling on pilling of the terry pile; snip carefully with a pair of scissors.