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Established in 1907 at Osaka Japan, SHINTO Towel combine their expertise in textile production with Japanese's aesthetic to produce luxuriously soft towels which are not only absorbent but also have a signature texture which is achieved through the use of Atozarashi, a post-weave refinement process which removes all starch, oils and impurities from the fibres to create an addictive fluffiness.

Shinto’s Inner Pile Towel is expertly woven on a traditional shuttle loom with extra time and care of craftmanship. Made with pure Organic Cotton, the towel is designed with two outer layers of baby-soft gauze and an inner layer of highly absorbent cotton pile. INNER PILE towel is thick and fluffy yet soft and light, making it the softest and lightest towel you'll ever exerience. Perfect for drying off after a bath, cover your pillow or bed, or simply for a cuddle up once it's fresh from the dryer.


  • Beautiful design made using traditional craftsmanship
  • Soft and light. The beauty is not only in its lightness but also in its thickness which will make you feel cozy and warm
  • Extremely Absorbent. This towel is composed of two layers of baby soft gauze on the outside with an inner layer of highly absorbent pile, making it incredibly absorbent without being too thick or heavy.

MATERIAL: 100% Organic Cotton

MINI TOWEL 23 x 23cm
FACE TOWEL 29 × 82cm
BATH TOWEL 63 × 130cm

CARE: Wash and dry them before use. Prefer to wash with similar colors. Avoid overusing fabric softeners as it may damage the fibers and reduce absorbency. Trumble try when available. it promotes and refreshes the cotton strands and fibers thus reestablishing the natural absorption and softness of the fibers themselves. Using a low-heat tumble dry cycle or a gentle tumble drying cycle is best. Pulling or snapping the towel lengthwise while wet can cause the piles (the loops in the toweling) to stretch, resulting in gaps in the material. Handle wet towels gently.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Bernadette Leung
Inner Pile Towel

I really like when the soft cotton touches the skin, it is also a lot easier to dry than my other bath towels.

Maggie Tse

The towel is very comfortable

Nok hang l lo
Good purchase

Perfect towel

Andrew Wong

The touching is quite soft and nice to the body. Suggested!

Love it

Shipment is fast. Towels are soft and comfy. Love the colors too 🙂


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