About Us

We are all about Simplicity at Bathe to Basics. 


Bathe to Basics is a premium handmade and organic skincare, bath and body brand based in Hong Kong. We are committed to formulating and creating products that benefit your skin in countless ways – from healing to rejuvenating, moisturizing, refreshing, and clearing. 

Our products are all-natural and handmade. We formulate our products using modern research but stay true to our traditional values of organic and eco-friendly. This way, our products are truly defined as beneficial and effective – sourced from nature’s best gifts and handmade in small batches to maintain the best quality. 

At Bathe to Basics, we’re all about simplicity. There are too many skincare and bath and body products today that are glamorous and appealing but provide no benefits whatsoever. This is why we opted for a skincare label that would be simple and transparent – we don’t focus on making our products look attractive, we focus on ensuring they are of top quality.

Bathe to Basics products are ideal to use for all types of skin, with no risks or side effects. You can use them daily to constantly take good care of your skin. We love our products and value our customers – which is why you will never get anything less than premium quality all-natural, handmade skincare products with us.


We officially established Bathe to Basics in 2011, but got the idea a year prior, when Gia got a chance to learn how to make natural soap from scratch. Both Gia and I loved handmade soap before we decided to create our own.

One of the biggest reasons why we started creating our own soap is because commercial products we found in the market caused us to have allergic reactions. Most of the handmade bar soaps back in the 2000s were more like handicrafts with pretty shapes, vibrant colors and strong fragrances. One day, Gia made a piece of bar soap using nothing more than olive oil: no extra additives or decoration. We tried it and found out it was amazing.  We thought that this was something we need in our daily life, something simple, pure, natural and great for our skin and our environment. Then we started Bathe to Basics.

Edmund Ip and Gia Fox
Founders of Bathe to Basics