Porcelain Face Scraping Plate


Scraping (Gua Sha) is a natural ancient Chinese healing technique that comes with so many benefits to your skin. Just like how you would massage a tender shoulder or back, your face muscles require the same.

The face has over 40 muscles, so massaging the face is not just good for applying products, but for moving energy and reducing puffiness with lymphatic drainage. Regular massage helps to bring oxygen to certain areas so as to detoxify the skin and impart a more toned appearance in a long term.

- Gua Sha can increase blood circulation, remove toxins, tone up and firm up skin so as to attain a brighter, radiant and healthier skin
- High-quality porcelain for the best scraping experience
- Work best with our Basic Cleansing Oil or Basic Facial Oil
- 面部刮痧有助加速血液循環、提升護膚品吸收效果,亦能幫助放鬆肌肉,去水腫及排毒
- 高質陶瓷質料相對其他材質穩定,觸感良好

- 多個不同形狀大小的觸面,能仔細按摩各面部肌膚
- 議配合卸妝油或護膚油使用,加強潤滑度達到最佳效果

All skin types

INSTRUCTION: To incorporate Face Scraping into your skincare routine, you may apply some of our Basic Cleansing Oil or Basic Facial Oil as a lubricator to reduce friction and protect your skin. Starting from your forehead, gently massage the whole face and neck in an upward circular motion to work against gravity.


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